2021 Ram 1500 Classic Review


2021 Ram 1500 Classic Review

The 2021 Ram 1500 Classic is a truck that excels in performance, towing capability, and practicality. If you want a solid and reliable work truck this year, the Ram 1500 Classic is a great option to consider. This year's Ram 1500 Classic will easily handle all of your towing and hauling needs with its substantial tow rating of 10,610 pounds. The Ram also has a large cargo bed that is nicely organized for storage and transporting goods of all kinds. The cabin is comfortable, tech-savvy, and just as thoughtfully organized as the truck bed.

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The 2021 1500 Classic has a variety of appealing features. Its amenities vary by trim level, which you can explore in greater detail with the Ram inventory at our dealership.

Ram 1500 Classic Interior Features

With four options available for fabric and colour, there are many possibilities for seating arrangements in the Ram 1500 Classic. Seats range from comfortable cloth to luxurious leather. The Ram has a centrally located touchscreen display that presents important vehicle information, access to emergency services, audio, and more at the touch of your fingers. The central control system also contains settings for heated seats, and it has separate climate controls for the driver and front passenger. The Ram also has a large centre console for storage and dual cup holders in front. A 12V power outlet is standard in the Ram 1500, and it comes with USB ports for device charging.

Ram 1500 Classic Exterior Features

With eight options available for wheel colour and design, customizing the exterior of the Ram is just as easy as creating a custom interior design. A prominent black mesh grille takes centre stage on the front end, and it has LED headlights for safety and visibility. The Ram 1500 Classic also has some signature elements that set it apart from other trucks on the road, including a crosshair grille and special badges on the fenders. Loading and unloading cargo at any time become more effortless than ever with available LED lighting in the truck bed, which makes night work a breeze. LED taillights are also available, and you can get dual chrome exhaust finishers to round out your Ram's custom look.

Ram 1500 Classic Towing Capacity

The Ram 1500 has impressive towing power with its award-winning 3.6-litre engine. The Ram's V6 engine connects with an eight-speed automatic transmission for better performance and efficiency. Towing and hauling loads is no problem with the 2021 1500 Classic, which has a top tow rating of up to 10,610 pounds when properly rigged. The 2021 1500 Classic also has a maximum payload of 1930 pounds, sufficient to tow boats, trailers, and other weekend gear or work items. The Ram will come with either a four-pin or a seven-pin wiring harness for towing, and you can order towing safety accessories such as a Class IV tow hitch receiver or a Trailer Brake Control System. The Ram 1500 Classic also has superior grip and traction, and you can also order the truck with four-wheel drive to provide extra traction and off-road handling capabilities as needed. The Ram has an independent rear suspension system and an axle disconnect on the front end when four-wheel drive is not required.

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