The future of electrified muscle: Dodge Concept Electric Muscle Car

The future of electrified muscle

The Muscle Car Goes Electric

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Dodge Concept Electric Muscle Car

As Dodge continues to innovate, the EV muscle car becomes a closer reality than ever, giving customers the same beloved feel of muscle while eliminating fuel usage. The current concept being developed by Dodge is the Charger Daytona SRT, a futuristic-looking muscle coupe that remains true to its muscle-car heritage. However, it will differ from other EVs since the brand has made it look like a Dodge, but they are also going to make it still sound and drive like a Dodge. With those three elements together, this new concept muscle car is sure to rival the competition and make a big wave within the muscle-car segment.

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With the Dodge brand moving towards electric, you shouldn't think they are stepping away from the brand's focus of creating fantastic muscle cars that dominate the road. As more information becomes available, we encourage you to contact us to stay in touch and be one of the first to experience the unique driving characteristics of Dodge's new all-electric muscle car.