Getting Your Vehicle Ready for Winter – Winter Vehicle Maintenance

Getting Your Vehicle Ready for Winter - Winter Vehicle Maintenance

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Change Engine Oil & Filter

You must change your engine oil and filter regularly, especially during the winter, since the cold climate can make it more difficult for the oil to circulate properly inside the engine for maximum lubrication. Also, old oil can wear internal components of the engine, causing more friction which will make your engine use more fuel.

Replace Wiper Blades

It would be best if you replaced your vehicle’s wiper blades for winter to have maximum visibility through the windshield, ensuring your safety while navigating the harsh driving conditions that winter brings.

Inspect Fluid Conditions & Levels

Your vehicle’s fluids keep vital systems functioning properly, making it important to check the fluid levels of those systems to avoid mishaps during winter. Cold temperatures can stress those systems, and having low fluid levels can be an issue. Some fluids to inspect for level and condition include engine oil, coolant, brake fluid, transmission fluid, and more.

Install Winter Tires & Check Tread Depth

To safely drive through snow and ice, you will want to have your winter tire set inspected and installed properly. Most winter tires have directional rotation, making it vital to place them in the proper position to benefit from the added traction of winter tires.

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