How To Get Your Car Ready For The Summer

How To Get Your Car Ready For The Summer

Once we emerge out of winter, you’ll need your car to be ready for blue skies and sunshine. Read on for some top tips to make sure your car has a sunny disposition for the summer season.

1. Routine Maintenance

Your car should never miss its appointment for a regular check-up. Since air conditioning systems are usually overworked during the summertime, you’ll need to make sure your battery’s in good condition before the summer months hit. Batteries should be replaced once every four years or so.

2. Cleaning


Always keep it clean. If your car’s interior is free of dirt and clutter, you’ll be lengthening the life of the seat fabric and car mats. The paintwork on the car’s exterior should also be regularly cleaned to prevent damage.

3. Tire Checks

Rotate your tires. Switching the front and rear tires will help to boost your car’s overall performance and fuel efficiency. You’ll also be safer when you need to brake while driving.

The tire pressure can be increased by warmer temperatures. If your tires aren’t inflated enough, the sidewalls will experience too much pressure. If your tires are overinflated, the risk of a burst tire is significantly increased. Keep a lookout for cracks and protrusions in the tires. This is usually an indication of incorrect tire pressure.

4. Air Conditioning

Although it probably had a long holiday during the winter season, an AC system is essential during the summertime. It might need its refrigerant refilled if cool air isn’t being emitted properly. Other AC overhauls include fluid expulsion and recharging by a professional.

5. Fluids


Examine the cabin air filter. Is it moist or tarnished in any way? This is usually a sign of airflow problems. The air filter in the engine also needs to be observed. Your car’s fuel economy and overall performance is boosted if the air filter is clean and functioning properly.

6. Filters

Vital fluids are essential for engine performance. Oil should always be checked regularly. Get into the habit of checking your oil every time you put gas in your car. Your engine performance is directly related to other fluids as well. You don’t want to experience an overheated engine, so check your coolant levels. Always do this when the engine is completely cool. Transmission and brake fluid should be checked, too.

7. Brakes


Take a break from any summer drives and have your brakes checked by a professional. Winter driving can cause wear and tear on your brake pads or rotors. This is imperative for a safe driving experience. The overall performance of your car will also improve.

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